About Titaniumparts

Briefly then, a bloke in his 40s, based in Bristol in the UK’s west country. A self-employed, freelance graphic & web designer and copy writer by trade – which is mostly a gratifying, if not always reliably lucrative way to earn a living.

I currently run two bikes: a Ducati 749 (in the picture above) and a Honda FMX650. No doubt much more will be said about these as this blog develops.

This will be my first crack at blogging, so we’ll have to see where it leads. I spend all day at a computer, and inevitably much of my idling time is occupied looking for bike-related material – usually to offest the frustration of having to carry on working when what I really want to do is go out and ride. For others who are similarly afflicted perhaps this blog might provide another diversion in such moments.

I should say that I make no claims for any specific authority or expertise in the subject, but I’ve never found that to be a barrier to holding a raft of half-baked opinions about bikes and motorcycling in general. I think about such things often enough, but rarely find myself with an opportunity to articulate my thoughts to others of a like mind. Thus I find myself here at the WordPress dashboard writing these, my first words in the blogosphere, and wondering whether I can actually make any useful or interesting contribution to the topic, or indeed whether anyone will take the slightest interest if I do.

Incidentally, the titanium parts are a collection of screws and brackets that remain in place after being used to reconstruct my shattered right ankle in 2006, and serve to remind me almost every day why, for all its inherent risks, riding a motorcycle is still a much safer proposition than taking up skateboarding again after 30 years proved to be!



  1. jest read your blog cos i remembered you mentioning it yesterday (was it only yesterday) i love your use of word ,(ride on hoover) see you soon tone.

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